On Tour With: The Arkanes // part II


Hey guys!

Last month I went on tour with the very talented band The Arkanes.
I was joining them for a week to document what happens behind the scenes and on stage during their first headline tour.
And of course I'm going to show as many impressions as possible with you, but first let me introduce you to the band.

The Arkanes are a rock band from Liverpool, UK.

The four piece consists of:
Chris Pate (lead vocals, guitar)
Dylan Cassin (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Jake Hallam (bass, backing vocals)
Andy Long (drums)

So far they've released an EP called "Don't Act Like You Know Me" and their debut album "W.A.R".
This tour was their sixth tour in less than a year but it was their first co-headline tour. 
 They are currently working on their next album which sounds pretty promising.

You can probably imagine that being on tour for a week as a photographer leads to coming home with a lot pictures.
Therefore I had to split this tour series into multiple parts and I hope you enjoy that.

In today's post you're going to see all behind the scenes pictures. That means you get to catch a glimpse of what happens backstage, during soundcheck, in the tour van and during sightseeing trips on days off.

Paired with the pictures, you'll also find some written impressions where I tell you a bit more about my tasks on tour, spending a week with a band and more.

Click here for part I

1. tour bus life + activities

The question I was asked the most was "What was it like to travel in a tour bus?"
Well, it wasn't a tour bus. We travelled in a van since it was only the six of us. Nonetheless I'd like to think the experience was the same: a lot of hours of your day are spend in a vehicle.

Tour life can be really exhausting; you travel all day, work all night, go to sleep really late and have to get up early to travel to the next destination.
Therefore a lot of time in the van was spent sleeping and just relaxing.

But of course we didn't spend all of our time in the van just sleeping. I've had some wonderful conversations with the lads which I think we're some of my highlights.
It was just really nice to hear them speak about the things they love (yes, music was a massive topic!).
And of course an iPod is a music nerd's best friend. Exchanging favourite songs and acts was such a nice thing to do. Looking back I think Dylan and Jake were the two I've spoke to the most when it comes to music.

Even though the van we had wasn't in the best condition, I think we managed to turn it into a nice and comfy space. The little candle (which was bought to stop the bad smells) and my Christmas blanket made things a lot cosier. That, paired with some snacks, the atmosphere was perfect to watch some films.

But, a blogger is a blogger no matter where they are. Therefore quite some minutes (maybe hours?) where spent going through the photographs and videos I took the nights before. Of course the lads joined me doing that.

Yet my favourite van memory was our very energetic performance of "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.
Hell, that was good!

27th March 2015, somewhere between Oldenburg and Burgrieden: Christmas blankets save lives.

27th March 2015, still somewhere between Oldenburg and Burgrieden: Believe it or not, this is a picture of a person.

28th March 2015, somewhere between Germany and Switzerland: Watching videos from the previous night.

27th March 2015, yep, still between Oldenburg and Burgrieden: Nothing like a 9 hour long journey.

26th March 2015, Wilhelmshaven: But first, let me take a selfie.

29th March 2015, between Olten and home: Another lovely Autobahn view.

2. being on the road with five lads

Another question I got a lot was "What was it like to spend so much time with five guys?".
To be honest, before going on tour I was a bit worried about what it would be like. I mean, I've known the band for years but being together pretty much 24/7 is different.

But, as pretty much always in life, most worries are complete nonsense. And so were mine about touring. The gang was absolutely fun to tour with.
Each of them is a great human being and has treated me so well. It really felt like a little tour family and I could not be happier about having such wonderful friends in my life.

I think a point that made everything a lot easier was the fact that we have a lot in common. The passion for music, the excitement about travelling and seeing new places and the terrible sense of humour.

Even the nights in six bed hotel rooms were absolutely fine. I don't know how but for some reason I didn't even care about the snoring sounds. 
I'd like to think all of us enjoyed the combination of creative minds. 

I just can honestly say that I've never had more fun travelling with a group of people. Thank you Kanesies!

29th March 2015, home: Probably my favourite picture we've ever taken together.

28th March 2015, Switzerland: Beautiful landscape.

26th March 2015, Wilhelmshaven: Christmas blanket, we owe you a lot!

28th March 2015, Switzerland: Swiss mountains, you know how to impress.

28th March 2015, Switzerland: Absolutely gorgeous view.

28th March 2015, Switzerland: Longy approves.

28th March 2015, on our way to Switzerland: Erm yeah, you comment on this one.

28th March 2015, on our way to Switzerland: Wearing them dark circles with pride.

29th March 2015, home: But first, let me take a selfie.

27th March 2015, just left Burgrieden: Leg space = comfort level 100

3. days off

As much as I enjoyed the gig days, I also really loved the days off with the lads.
We had one in Berlin, my favourite city. I spent the early noon working and filming with another band. (Hopefully you'll see the result soon!)
The rest of the day Jake, Chris, Brophy and I discovered Berlin the tourist way. It was absolutely lovely and a lot of fun.
Later that day we had a phone interview with the wondeful Ross from Terrace Talk & Tracks (You can listen to it here.) and then went to a gig.

Another day was spent travelling, so all we did that evening was having dinner together. I really enjoyed that evening.

When you're travelling through the country you just need to stop every now and then to just look at what the nature offers you.
We stopped at the beach in the North of Germany on our way to Oldenburg which was probably the nicest little stop of the tour. You'll find some of my favourite pictures below.

24th March 2015, Berlin: Chris loves Berlin.

24th March 2015, Berlin: Oh Universal, you poser.

24th March 2015, Berlin: Typical Berlin shot. I love it.

24th March 2015, Berlin: Spends day off from tour at a gig.

25th March 2015, Wilhelmshaven: Dinnerrrrrrr, finally!

26th March 2015, somewhere at the beach: Swaaaaaag. (Sorry, I just had to.)

26th March 2015, beach: Oh so tumblr.

26th March 2015, beach: Neck-breaking walks.

26th March 2015, near the beach: Oi mate, there's a massive wasp behind you.

26th March 2015, beach: Jake, Longy & Dylan caught a fish!!!

26th March 2015, near the beach: More swaaaag.

26th March 2015, near the beach: Up to no good.

26th March 2015, near the beach: The metal thing with a Kopek hat, well done, Dyl!

26th March 2015, near the beach: Lads will be lads.

4. backstage

What happens backstage, stays backstage.
Nahhh, definitely not.

The times backstage were always pretty relaxed and to be honest - there's nothing you can really say about it.
Each day we had dinner, sometimes some of us went on little walks and we actually all just hung out.
It was so lovely to get to know the support bands (who were all pretty damn cool!) and just have some minutes to relax before stage time.

But of course I had my camera with me, so below are some impressions for you.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: Good old Cassin made us all cry from laughing that day.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: The warrior fixing his bandage.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: Soundcheck.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: More soundcheck backstage.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: Longy.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: Kisses for Longy.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: Chris writing the setlist.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: Decisions need to be made together.

28th March 2015, Burgrieden: He's reading a book, of course.

27th March 2015, Burgrieden: After show rituals - checking out the videos.

5. my tasks

A lot of people at the venues seemed a bit surprised a tiny little girl was on the road with the band.
(Everyone was bloody lovely though!)
Pretty much every day I had to explain what I do, so why not share it with you as well?

My main task on tour was to document everything. It was the band's first headline tour in Germany and Switzerland, therefore it was a special event which everyone involved will enjoy looking back at.
During my week of touring with the band I captured the live shows, backstage and days off memories and whatever happened in between.
I also took a few band photos for the press.

This post already shows you a lot of the photography bits, but still there are a lot more pictures to follow. As well as some very special videos.

Besides being the girl with the camera I also tried my best to help out where I could.
Together with our legend Brophy I ran the merch desk which was so much fun because it also meant I could speak to the people who came to the gigs. Big ups to all of you!

What goes hand in hand with running the merch is helping set up the stage for soundcheck. I loved being the "drum tech". Since I was the only one with internet success 24/7, me and my phone became the press contact for venues, interviews and such. 

What needs to be mentioned is that the guys did not expect me to do anything other than being a blogger. There was no pressure to do any of the above mentioned things. I just wanted to help out and, well, I loved working on the road. Especially because I got to work with and support people I believe in.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: Cheeky mirror selfie, innit.

28th March 2015, somewhere between Burgrieden and Olten: Sorting out the tour merch.

28th March 2015, between Burgrieden and Olten: Yes, we also do paper work.

28th March 2015, still stuck between Burgrieden and Olten: No, I was not being rude to Dylan.

25th March 2015, Berlin: In my normal habitant.

27th March 2015, Burgrieden: The view from the merch desk.

26th March 2015, Oldenburg: But first, let me take a side stage selfie.

And I think that's pretty much it for today.

This feels like a monster post but I just wanted to share so many little things without because I'm honestly proud of the work I've done on the road and am happy with the pictures.

The next post will include all on stage photographs.

I really hope you enjoyed it and are ready for more tour impressions soon.

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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