EP Review: "Northern Lights" by Ryan O'Reilly


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I receive tons of emails daily which inform me about new releases. It's such a privilege to have artists share their work with me.
Even though I'm in a really busy state of blogging (hello, 230 emails!), I still enjoy every single email. It does take a lot longer to listen to everything but I'm trying.

And whenever I find a record I absolutely enjoy, it just excites me a lot.
Today I'm going to share one with you, like I always do.

Ryan O'Reilly sent me his newest EP "Northern Lights" and I'm absolutely happy to review it for you.

Artist: Ryan O'Reilly
Title: Northern Lights
Genre: Folk
Label: independent
Release: Spring 2015
HITS rating: 8.5/10

Ryan O'Reilly and his band offer a big variety of sounds, still they march into the Folk and Americana direction. Their songwriting is mainly influenced by relationships with people as well as different places.
  Commuting between London (UK), Berlin (Germany) and Toronto (Canada) the band is obviously offered a wide range of city influences.

 Ryan O'Reilly and his band are:
Ryan O'Reilly
Tyler Kite
David Granshaw

Ryan started playing the guitar at the age of 10, when his father gave him a six-string saying “you’re never going to impress anyone with your looks or your charm so you’d better get good at this”. 
Eight years later Ryan still followed his father's advice and went to Toronto, Canada where he played countless open mics. His travels made him meet Tyler Kite and David Granshaw.

Them busking on London’s famous Portobello Road street market has opened many doors for the three musicians; people who enjoyed hearing their music invited them to their hometowns such as Oslo, Berlin, Lisbon, Napoli, Toronto and London - just to name a few.

They have been on the road for "the best part of a decade", means they've had enough inspiration to create the "Northern Lights" EP. 

1) Evil Quarter Mile
2) The One
3) In The End
4) Give Up On Me
5) Northern Lights

One thing you'll soon notice on the EP is the spot on guitar work; mixing rhythmic strumming with melodic finger picking, both on acoustic and electric guitars. 
"The One" impresses with said guitar work paired with wisely used percussions and, of course, warm and soothing vocals. This song blends folk with americana and ties little bits of rock into the atmosphere.

What I really enjoy about Ryan's music is his (and his band's) incredible sense for harmonies, melodies and the way they arrange words with instrumentals. This element is very present on "Give Up On Me". Again the guitars seem to duet and harmonize with the vocals and create a fragile, yet attention drawing scene.

Title track "Northern Lights" absolutely deserves to be the title track. The calm verses prepare you for the chorus which builds up each time it kicks in with a melancholic feeling to it. I can actually guarantee you, if you're a lover of acoustic/folk sounds, you're going to love this!

To sum it up: To me this EP was made to listen to whilst traveling. Ironically Ryan, Tyler and David get a lot of inspiration from traveling. Each song enchants you in a way you'd like to be enchanted by a song: in a peaceful, yet exciting manner.
The "Northern Lights" EP definitely leaves you wanting more.

You should listen to these tracks: The One, Give Up On Me, Northern Lights


Ryan O'Reilly online: Website | Twitter | FacebookYouTube

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Ryan O'Reilly


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