Martin and James

As I already told you in my last post (which was also my first one)
were my blogger name "house in the sand" came from. Now I want to
tell you about the two guys behind the song "Wrong Directions".
Martin and James are two musicians from Scottland who live in
Germany to work on their music. Martin Kelly and James O'Neill
are probably two of the most talented people I know. They write
their songs by themselves and sound live exactly like on their CDs.
If you're interested in hearing handmade music I would suggest
checking them out. They've got 2 EPs out called "Bad Dream" and "Wrong Directions"
and their selftitled debut album.

And if you ever get the chance to see them in concert you should grab
it. Talking to them will make you realize that they are the sweetest
and most charming guys you will ever get to know. ;)

Check out for more information.

x - Vanessa who builds her house in the sand.


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