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This blog got its title from the song 'Wrong Directions' by Martin and James.

house in the sand (short HITS) has developed into a source of brilliant music for musicians, music lovers and agencies.

It all started back in February 2012, when founder Vanessa got back from a phenomenal gig.
The Scottish Alt-Folk duo Martin and James played a gig in Cologne, with support from Jim Kroft and Dan Dietrich.

Said gig blew her mind and made her discover a community of musicians that was so passionate and talented.
Once all of her friends had her the story of how great the show was, she realised she needed a new audience to share her opinions with.

One Wednesday afternoon she came to the conclusion that a blog might do the trick.
And soon house in the sand was born.

Within the past five years the blog has found its' place in the world of music.

With music reviews, concert impressions, all sorts of interviews, backstage insights and exclusive performances, house in the sand is one of those that allow you to go behind the scenes.

Readers from all over the world can find new music, learn more about their favourite artists and be part of soundchecks and tours just by reading and watching.

On HITS you'll find music the team is passionate about.

The goal is it to introduce new music in a professional but still personal way and to bring you closer to your favourite artists.

Join us and never miss out on fantastic music!

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