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  1. Club soda is a new 4 piece band based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire who produce pop rock hooks with a sound the harks back to the 80’s whilst staying fresh with driving rhythm and low fi sprinkles.

    Their first EP ‘Beach Rock For The Land Locked’ touched down one the 07/03/2015 and is available at -

    'Wanna Bat Less’, the first single from the EP is available with video at-

    1. Hi Club Soda, thanks for your comment. If you want to be featured on HITS, please submit via email. Very busy at the minute so it might take a while until I get around to listen but I'll try my best.
      Thank you very much!

  2. Florence Black - A young rock band who hail from South Wales. UK. Named as one of Pledge Music Emerging Talents of 2015, the band play with a classic rock, bluesy sound, in a way that out shines their young ages. Their live show is full of energy, a reason why they rapidly becoming one of the UK stars of the unsigned music scene..... Check them out ....... Contact:-

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  5. Hello,

    I write, perform, produce and record musical art, drawing on the inspiration of a lifetime's love of all music. I hate to be categorised, though some have called it electronica, some ambient house, some EDM. They're just labels. I make music because I have a need to create. Nothing more, nothing less. I experiment with time signatures and sounds, I use unorthodox orchestrations and instruments because it interests me. I record my voice and mix with samples and synth soundscapes, drum loops with haunting piano refrains, mixing genres and creating musical journeys.

    My music is shared on Soundcloud here:

    I released an digital only album on a small Italian electronica label in 2013 (Eye Lounge Records) under the name Anomalous Contiguous. 

    I hope you enjoy my tracks,

    Jim Newstead


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