A song; a composition usually 3-5 minutes long that can tell stories, address problems or express speical feelings.

Songs, of course, are an essential part of music blogs.
Of course!

"All Rise (Play It Cool)" - Harts
"Bridgeburner" - Goodnight, Sunrise
"Broken Jaw" - Laurel Canyons
"Buena Vista" - JEEN
"Cake By The Ocean" - DNCE
"Centuries" - Brittany Butler (Fall Out Boy cover)
"Chandelier" - Stephen Langstaff (Sia cover)
"Contagious" - JShades
"Creep" - Emine
"Daggers" - BLUSH
"Dapper" - Alex Stockley
"Deanna" - Chimera
"Ecstasy" - The Island Club
"Forgiven" - Lizabett Russo
"Freedom Fighter" - TiTORS iNSiGNiA
"Friend" - Winter 1982
"Goldmine" - Rosco & The Dirty Plains
"Guide You Home" - Fluorescent Hearts
"Howling" - Adam Barnes
"Hypothetical" - Grace
"I Wanna Be Your Man" - Yukon Blonde
"I've Had Friends" - Elam McKnight
"It's A Feeling" - Mother Leads
"It's Not What You Know" - Arizona Rifles
"Lancaster" - Alea Rae
"Lifeline" - Holly Elle
"Lucky One" - Humbug
"Midnight Kiss" - The 95th
"Monsters" - Bloody Diamonds
"My Dress Hangs There" - Violet
"Nostalgia" - Martin Luke Brown
"Retrofire" - The Open Feel
"Salvation" - Gabrielle Aplin
"Satellites" - Alex Stockley
"Shake It Off" - Taylor Swift
"Silence" - Cooper Phillip
"Startin' Fires" - Inego
"Sugar Dream" - Valley Shine
"Taped Off The Radio" - The Ragamuffins
"Time With You" - Liam McClair
"Tell Me Toby" - The Megadudes
"Venture" - City And The Sea
"What Did You Do?" - Gabrielle Aplin


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