You may have noticed that this website not only includes a lot of written articles but also photography and videography based features.

As a media and online loving journalism student I'm also working in other fields than just writing.
Besides the usual features on this site I can offer you:

- a biography for your press kit
Journalists, festival teams, bloggers and all sorts of media people want to know who you are before they even consider working with you. 
I will help you to get one step closer to the collaborations you dream of and will write your biography. As a journalist and blogger myself I would say I know what these species of people want to know. 
 The text is going to be in English but if you're interested I can also write a German one.

(example of my work: Biography - Dan Dietrich)

- photographs of yourself on stage
Selfies are great but let's face it - you can't pull out your phone on stage and take pictures of yourself.
(Of course you could but ...)
After working with rock bands who had more hair than myself (and knew how to shake it), having to deal with the darkest venues around and getting smashed from the crowds I still love photographing live gigs more than anything.
So let me know if you need some pictures to show your grandma. I'll glady help you make her proud.
As I'm located in Germany please get in touch early so we can set something up.
I can also come along on tour with you.

(example of my work: photography page)

- tour/gig documentaries
Either filmed or photographed. Or both. Whatever floats your goat. 

- mastering your social media presence
In a generation of smart phones and talking cars it can be quite hard to stay on top of things.
I'll help you interact with your fans and convince the ones who aren't already loving you.

- promotion videos
Got a tour/some gigs coming up? Want to let people know about it and convince them with your talents at the same time?
Promotion videos are the answer to that.
I'll edit you a promo video including your tour dates/your album release/your whatever. The concept will be individually put together for you, your fans and those who will become your fans.

(example of my work: tour promo video - The Arkanes)

If you are interested, need more details or have any questions, give me a shout and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Simply email: 

with the subject "Offers"


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