A lot of careers often start with debut EPs.
Extended Plays are shorter than albums and therefor easier and less pricey to record.

They are also great formats to give a fan base something to listen to whilst recording an album or being on tour.

Here are reviews of the EPs we've heard:

'Absentee' - Violents
'Cerulian Blue' - Cecilia Meadows
'Dan meets Portland' - Dan meets Portland
'Faith' - Think Tank
'Heady Eyelids' - Shoot The Rabbit
'Honey' - Liam McClair
'Look.See.Don't.Trip.' - Kismet Ryding
'Me & You' - Marcas O'hUigin
'New Monster Invasion' - Panic Tree
'Northern Lights' - Ryan O'Reilly
'Not Enough Miles' - Rosco McCabe
'One Take Recordings' - Keeva
'Paradise Blue' - Moonlands
'Pretty Girls' - The Young Wild Hearts
'Revolution' - The Unassisted
'Robin Hood' - Louise Parker
'Ruthless Thing' - Tom Mitchell
'Sea Of Yards' - Greg McEvoy
'Seven Years' - Nina Yasmineh
'Strange Shores' - Crash Island
'Sundial' - Ben Barritt
'The Cruise Control EP' - The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco
'The Future Is Amazing' - Fashion Week
'The Traveller's Song' - Lizabett Russo
'Thickets' - Thickets
'Topanga' - decoded
'Truth' - Visitors
'Urban Glow' - TRASH


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