Gig Photos: Tom Walker at LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart (December 2018)

Hey guys!

Last year I was invited to interview a promising up and coming artist,
his name was Tom Walker and after hearing just one song of his, I knew I wanted to chat to him.

The interview was definitely one of my favourites because of how relaxed and fun it was.
In case you've missed it, you can check it out here.

So when we I saw Tom annouce his tour dates, I definitely wanted to photograph the show for you.
I'm super sure you either already know and love Tom's sound, or if this is your introduction, you'll end up finding a new favourite artist.

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Date: 4th December 2018
Venue: LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart (GER)

Support Act: Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters took the stage together with her backing band mate Tina who played the keys, violin and sang backing vocals.

From the first chord on it was obvious that the crowd was excited to hear Tom Walker's support act.
A lot of fans in the crowd were already familiar with Maisie's sound and we heard them sing along proudly.
Maisie made standing on stage look so easy and natural, giving off the vibes that she's done this millions of times.
Her songs told the stories of broken hearts and of personal struggles, allowing the fans in the crowd to identify with the honesty and vulnerability of her songs.

The cheering and singing was loud enough to surely say that the crowd loved her.

 Maisie Peters online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Headliner: Tom Walker

We have seen many Stuttgart crowds over the years,
but this particular one definitely stood out.

At your usual gig, you'll always find a bunch of people who will be chatting during songs or when the acts are tuning their instruments.
Not at this Tom Walker show though - instead, everyone in the room was so quiet, you could've dropped a pin - which is very impressive for around 800 people in one room.

But of course this doesn't mean that everyone stayed quiet during the songs, because that wasn't the case. The fans had the best time singing and shouting the lyrics back at Tom and his band.

Tom took the time to chat about the title of his upcoming debut album, "What A Time To Be Alive" (out on March 1st 2019), which overall was a positive speech - but of course nobody can ignore today's political state, so the crowd was asked to shout "Fuck It" during his track "Rapture".

If you are somewhat familiar with Tom's sound, you'll know that his voice is one hell of a remarkable instrument; he's got so much control and technique, and during the parts in which his voice goes raspy, you just end up speechless.
But we  n e e d  to mention Tom's band as well; each member was on top of their game and made the night incredibly enjoyable for fans of instrumentals and solos.

The crowd was on fire during "Leave A Light On" and it might've given us goosebumps as we experienced the show instead of just observing it.
What more can reviewers ask for?

Tom Walker online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


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Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jetwash


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