Song Of The Day: "Blue Light" by SUN SILVA

Hey guys!

Okay, sometimes the universe scares me a little bit.

Now, I'm not exactly the biggest football person ever (not even close!), and before the recent World Cup I didn't know anything or any players. But - your gal is always here to learn new stuff, so I've been watching a few matches here and there.

(Maybe that's because some players are very nice to look at. I'm sorry. I said. I probably just set feminism back a few years. Throw stones at me, I deserve it.)

But today I was just going through my emails to find a track that has made it onto the FIFA 19 soundtrack - and this coincidence is confusing to me, but it's also brilliant.

I truly don't know whether this means the music industry is spying on me to send me relevant emails, or if I've manifested strange things - but here we are.
And I'm not complaining.

How could I if the music is this good?

- Song Of The Day -
"Blue Light" by SUN SILVA

SUN SILVA are a quartet from London, UK.

Before ever releasing any music, SUN SILVA have already built themselves as strong and loyal fan base in London's live scene.
And things are going well for them - only last week they've played a sold out headline show at The Lexington and this week they'll be supporting Jungle at their album launch show in London.

As mentioned above, their debut single "Blue Light" is on the FIFA 19 soundtrack - so yeah, the four piece from London is doing well.

We're glad we get to jump on the bandwagon before it's too crowded, so join is for a wild ride and let's listen to their debut single, "Blue Light".

"Blue Light" is the kind of track you'll subsconciously put on replay for hours.
While a lot of songs would make you lose your mind if played on an endless loop, "Blue Light" is different.

It has a calming, yet still lively feeling to it, making it the perfect song to relax to.
The mellow electric guitar kindly guides you through the song and is accompanied by groovy percussions and a slightly funky bassline.

With soft and smooth lead vocals and subtle backing vocals, the band has created a perfect balance.
"Blue Light" slowly builds up towards the last third of the song, only to fade out as beautifully as it started, proving the band's ability to write and arrange brilliant songs.

Listen to "Blue Light" right here:

- buy "Blue Light" -

SUN SILVA online: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: SUN SILVA


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