Get To Know: Nina Baker

Hey guys! 

There are so many things I love about blogging; I am a writer, I can't help but express myself by writing, photographing, etc.
But I think the main thing I love about house in the sand is the fact that it is a space where we all are able to get to know musicians.

Not just in a "finding out about them" way, but it a more personal way.

Today the absolutely wonderful Nina Baker is here to tell us a few things about her and her music.
I am very excited to have her over! 

Who are you?
Hello, my name is Nina Baker. I live on a farm in a very small village in the UK and I am a dubstep DJ .....
No sorry, I meant I am a classical trained pianist, singer and songwriter. That's better!

How would you describe your music? 
I think it has finally been decided that I am CLASSICAL POP - Pop but with a lot of classical influences, which I hope people pick up in the arrangements and chord progressions.
I have been likened to Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, Alanis Morissette, Delta Goodrem, even Kylie Minogue (not sure how that happened!), I seem to get likened to someone wherever I play and it varies greatly depending on where in the world you are, which is fine.
 As long as you like the music you can compare me to whoever you like!

What does music mean to you?
It would be easy to say EVERYTHING, as everyone says that, even the 16 year old kids on the X Factor - This REALLY annoys me! You sacrifice an awful lot to be in this industry, whether that be freedom, family, money, if you want to succeed. Being an independent, it is all or nothing, you go hard or you go home. I had a car accident earlier this year and even though the dectors said that I had to take time off, that 3 month period was the longest in my life. Do I spend every day doing music? Yes. Do I stay awake at night thinking about it? Yes. Would I be lost without music? Yes. I think that answers the question.

Your guilty pleasure song is?
"Groove Is In The Heart" by DeeeLite is the greatest song ever written, but my current personal favourite is singing "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith in the style of Alvin and the Chipmunks!

What have you released so far?
My debut album "Quite Frankly" came out last year and was very well received and it had some great review (especially from HITS!). My debut single "Single Bed" is still the one I am most well known for, which is crazy as it was by far the quickest and simplest song I have ever written! We released it thinking people would hate it, how wrong we were!

What is coming up?
Festival season has started and I am playing 12 festivals across the UK, then hopefully going on tour in the Autumn. I am also hoping to do some interesting videos before the end of the year. Fingers crossed we will reschedule the planned tour of Europe (which had to be cancelled due to accident). When I make it to Germany I will definitely come and say hello!

Nina Baker online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

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Credits // Text & questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & answers: Nina Baker


  1. I didn't know her, thank you for the post.

    1. You're absolutely welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed reading and listening. :)


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